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Remember it’s not just you that needs to acclimatise to South Africa, weapons too will require checking and re zeroing before you go out to hunt in earnest. The long trip, temperature ranges and general bumps and bangs which weapons receive en route means that a relaxing hour or so spent at the range will give you the confidence that you and your rifle or bow are on the mark.


100 yard rifle range for zeroing in or perhaps for an impromptu competition between friends.
50 yard range Ideal for practicing with that open sighted .375 or .500 nitro express prior to using it in earnest.
25 yard Pistol range.


Practice with your bow and make any final adjustments that may be required after your long journey.
Perhaps you have never tried archery before and would simply like the opportunity to try it out with one of our bows and some expert tuition.


Given advance notice we are happy to arrange trips for you or your non-hunting guests.
Just two hours by car from Shakawa is the internationally renowned Kruger National Park. Kruger is one of the premier game-watching destinations in the world. Here you can view at very close quarters huge herds of plains game such as the Giraffe, Zebra, Sable Wildebeest and the magnificent Cape Buffalo alongside some of the big predators such as the Leopard, Lion Cheetah and the Hyena. You will be able to get within just feet of the magnificent African Elephant, Hippo, White and Black Rhinoceros.

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